Clara Fontdevila is a PhD researcher at the Department of Sociology at the UAB, with a research project on the negotiation of the post-2015 global education agenda and the development of associated global learning metrics. Her areas of interest are education markets, education and international development, and the global governance of education. In the past, Fontdevila has participated in different research projects including a systematic review on the political economy of education privatization reforms, a study on the role of the World Bank in the shaping and promotion of teacher reforms, and a research on low-fee private schools in Peru. Fontdevila has collaborated with various educational and research organisations, including Education International, Fundació Jaume Bofill and the Global Partnership of Education. In the context of the REFORMED project, her focus is on the development of data-collection and analysis tools in relation to Research Strand 1, as well as with an international mapping and literature review of test-based accountability reforms.