Marjolein Camphuijsen is a PhD researcher at the Department of Sociology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She holds a Bsc. Degree in Sociology from Utrecht University and a Master’s degree in International Development from the University of Amsterdam. Her research interests include sociology of education, global education policy, private sector involvement in education, international development, and the effect of public policy on social and educational inequalities. In 2015, Camphuijsen conducted research on Public-Private Partnerships in the education sector and their contribution to realizing the human right to education in the Philippines, which entailed fieldwork in six secondary schools in the out-skirts of metro Manila. In 2016, she assisted in the qualitative research team of Oxfam Novib, conducting research on the impact of development programmes in education. In her doctoral dissertation, as part of the REFORMED project, her focus is on the analysis of the adoption and enactment of school autonomy and accountability reforms in the Norwegian context.