UAB-UIO Research Seminar

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School Governance Reforms: Global Perspectives

The coming together of two research groups in May 2019 provided an excellent opportunity for the ReformEd team to present ongoing work and share ideas and perspectives from different education contexts.  The research seminar was the result of a joint collaboration between the ‘Curriculum Studies, Leadership and Educational Governance’ (CLEG) research group based at the University of Oslo, and the group ‘Globalisation, Education and Social Policies’ (GEPS) at the UAB.

As well as the exchange of research in progress, the highlight of the two days included two keynote speeches…

The first, from Professor Christian Maroy (University of Montreal) titled: “Multi-scalar comparison and education policies trajectories: bricolage and mediations of accountability in France and Quebec.”

Click here to watch Christian Maroy’s presentation

The second keynote was delivered by Professor Stephen Ball: “The micro-politics of the school, 32 years after.”

Click here to watch Stephen Ball’s presentation