Sweden gangs: PM summons army chief after surge in killings Ulf Kristersson says "everything is on the table" after three people are killed in 12 hours.
Gunman kills three in twin Rotterdam shootings - Dutch police A 14-year-old girl and her mother are among victims after attacks in two locations in the Dutch city.
Watch: Smoke billows out of building after Rotterdam shooting At least three people have been killed in twin shootings in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, police say.
Victor Osimhen: Napoli 'never meant to offend or mock' striker but stop short of apology... Napoli say they "never meant to offend or mock" Victor Osimhen in a social media post but stop short of publicly apologising to him.
Family in gymnastics racism row say apology is 'useless' The mother of a black girl not given a medal at a gymnastics event said officials showed "no empathy".
Watch: How I helped save six women trapped in a lorry in France Khue Luu helped track down the vehicle after receiving a distress call about the lorry in France.
Former Belarus 'hit squad member' found not guilty Yury Garavsky is acquitted of involvement in the forced disappearance of three opposition figures in 1999.
Swiss glaciers get 10% smaller in two years The ice fields have lost as much volume in two years as they did in three decades from 1960 to 1990.
Barcelona: Spanish police raid referee offices as part of corruption investigation Police search the offices of the Spanish refereeing committee as part of an investigation into Barcelona's alleged corrupt payments to an official.
Nagorno-Karabakh state will cease to exist in January, says leader The head of the ethnic Armenian enclave formally ends its struggle for independence.
How distress call to BBC led to rescue of six women trapped in refrigerated lorry... A woman spoke to us from inside the refrigerated lorry in France, saying they were struggling to breathe.
Russians queue up to see Barbie film despite sanctions Moscow's culture ministry says Barbie is "not in line" with Russian values. Cinemagoers don't seem to mind.
The German group buying ticket dodgers out of prison A Nazi-era law in Germany jails those who can't pay public transport fares. Arne buys their freedom.
Nagorno-Karabakh: Armenians rush to help ‘brothers and sisters’ Every hour, the number of people fleeing Nagorno-Karabakh climbs even further.
Scientists get closer to solving mystery of antimatter The elusive substance holds the key to discovering how the Universe was formed.
Germany cracks down on neo-Nazi sect Artgemeinschaft for targeting children The authorities say Artgemeinschaft used Nazi-era books "to raise new enemies of the constitution".
Russia shows video to prove top commander is alive Ukraine is "clarifying" its recent reports that Russia's Admiral Sokolov died in a missile attack on Friday.
Ukraine war: Cannabis in focus for veterans treatment Ukraine is battling a colossal PTSD crisis and wants to try anything to help - including cannabis.
Climate change: Six young people take 32 countries to court They claim governments' slow action on climate change violates their human rights.
'They bombed everywhere': Survivors recount Karabakh attack Survivors in a remote village say three children and two adults were killed, including two boys from one family.
Uefa allows Russian U17 teams to compete in Europe despite Ukraine war Russia will be readmitted to European U17 competitions for the first time since the country's invasion of Ukraine 19 months ago, Uefa confirms.
Two French supermarkets to sell fuel at cost price Carrefour and E.Leclerc are holding down the price of petrol and diesel to help people cope with inflation.
'France takes us for idiots' - Inside coup-hit Niger The BBC gains access to the West African country which is among the world's most deadly for jihadist attacks.
Ukraine: The soldiers who can’t leave the front line until the war is over For Ukrainian troops, life on the front line is far from easy, as the BBC's Mark Urban witnessed up close.
Nagorno-Karabakh: Voices of Armenians fleeing Thousands of people are fleeing the disputed region often leaving without belongings or food.
French family planning agency turns to British TV show Sex Education Le Planning Familial says it is working with Netflix to promote its free sex education phone line.
Nagorno-Karabakh: BBC reports from Armenia border amid panic The BBC's Nataliya Zotova reports from the border between Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.
Ukraine war: Moment missile hits Russia's Black Sea fleet HQ Video verified by the BBC shows a Ukrainian missile hitting Russia's Black Sea fleet HQ in Crimea.

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