France firefighters battle 'monster' wildfire near Bordeaux The blaze in France's south-west has gutted a number of homes and forced some 10,000 people to flee.
The Russian billionaire daring to speak out about Putin Boris Mints calls Putin's invasion of Ukraine "vile", adding the war is a result of his "madness".
Eurovision UK host city: Turin's advice to song-contest organisers UK cities hoping to host the song contest next year will be shortlisted later this week.
Ukraine war: Crimea airbase badly damaged, satellite images show New pictures show extensive damage to buildings and warplanes after explosions hit the Russian base.
Ryanair boss O'Leary says the era of €10 flights is over Flights will be more expensive because war in Ukraine has pushed up oil prices, Michael O'Leary tells the BBC.
French freediver breaks deep dive world record Arnaud Jerald took 3 minutes and 34 seconds to complete the dive during the Vertical Blue competition.
Zaporizhzhia: Russia must exit Ukraine nuclear plant, says G7 Moscow's occupation of the Zaporizhzhia site puts the entire region in danger, say foreign ministers.
Robert Pope: Guinness-fuelled man runs width of Ireland in a day Robert Pope ran the almost 130-mile route from Galway to Dublin in just 23 hours and 39 minutes.
France whale: Beluga put down during dramatic rescue mission French officials say the whale's condition worsened as it was being moved from the Seine to the sea.
Whale dies during rescue mission in France A team of 80 helpers worked through the night to try and rescue the animal from the River Seine.
Ex-inmates reveal details of Russia prison rape scandal Former prisoners expose how and why rape is being used as a weapon inside Russian jails.
Crimea beachgoers run after airfield explosion Russia has played down the series of explosions at a military airfield in the area it annexed from Ukraine in 2014.
Drought leaves boats stranded on dried-up river bed along French-Swiss border Stretches of River Doubs on the French-Swiss border are parched after severe droughts hit western Europe.
US officials concerned as Russia launches Iranian satellite The US has warned Russia plans to maintain use of the satellite to spy on Ukrainian troop movements.
Climate change: Alps glaciers melting faster as heatwaves hit Meltwater flows from the glaciers, which may be set for their highest mass losses in 60 years.
Tighter export controls on electronics could hamper Russia's war effort - report Russian weapons could be permanently degraded by tougher export controls in the West, a think tank says.
Plans for giant seaweed farms in European waters As worldwide sales of the algae soar, the European Union wants to establish giant seaweed farms.
Ukraine war: Four more grain ships leave Ukraine as hopes grow for export stability Four vessels leave Ukrainian ports via a safe maritime corridor set up under a deal with Russia.
Brittney Griner: US urges Russia to accept deal to free jailed basketball star The US says it has a "serious proposal" for Moscow that would secure the release of the basketball star.
Ukraine war: No sleep in Ukraine’s relentlessly bombed city Sleep is near impossible in Mykolaiv, the southern port under almost constant Russian attack.
Banned Russian oligarchs exploited UK secrecy loophole A BBC investigation links a little-known type of company to fraud, terrorism and money laundering.
Viktor Orban alone in Europe but among friends at CPAC in Texas The controversial Hungarian leader will be warmly received when he addresses US Republicans.
Kosovo: Why is trouble flaring between Serbs and the Albanian-led government? Serbs have been demonstrating in Kosovo, raising fears of renewed ethnic hostilities.
Ukraine: Helping children to overcome the trauma of war Psychologists in Bucha are working to help children understand the Ukraine war.
Why does the world need grain to be shipped from Ukraine? The Razoni is the first cargo ship to have left a Ukrainian port since February.
Ukraine's shadow army resisting Russian occupation Sarah Rainsford meets the underground partisans resisting Russian occupation in southern Ukraine.
Every woman's body is beach ready, says Spanish government campaign The government's campaign urges women worried about their bodies to go to the beach.
Russia sanctions: Can the world cope without its oil and gas? Many countries are heavily dependent on Russian energy and will need to find new suppliers.
A1(M) Bowburn crash: Three-death smash remembered a year on The BBC hears from some of those involved in a fatal crash caused by a lorry driver using his phone.

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