Top Ukrainian general eyes leadership shake-up Gen Oleksandr Syrskyi insisted the situation on Ukraine's eastern front "remains difficult, but controlled".
How we tracked down the Ukrainian poison seller Leonid Zakutenko sold poison to vulnerable people who wanted to die - we confronted him at a post office in Kyiv.
Crowds chant anti-Putin slogans at Navalny funeral "Russia without Putin" mourners chanted, as they defied fear of arrest to bid farewell to Alexei Navalny.
'Nobody is scared' - crowds defiant at Navalny's funeral Risking arrest, large numbers paid tribute to the Putin critic, who died in an Arctic prison.
Terminator 2 theme tune plays at Navalny's burial Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was buried at a cemetery on the outskirts of Moscow
Olly Alexander reveals the UK's Eurovision entry The star has released the UK's Eurovision entry for 2024, a pulsing club anthem called Dizzy.
Suicide poison seller tracked down by BBC Ukrainian Leonid Zakutenko sells a type of chemical online thought to be linked to at least 130 UK deaths.
Pogba: The backstory, the wasted talent & why it could be the end Paul Pogba's career could be over after his four-year ban for doping with the feeling the 30-year-old Juventus player never fulfilled his potential.
Irish President Higgins in hospital following tests Michael D Higgins is in "excellent spirits" but will remain in hospital after feeling unwell on Thursday evening.
Putin warns West against sending troops to Ukraine In his annual address, Russia's president says the consequences of such a move would be tragic.
Strasbourg Christmas market attack trial begins Four men are on trial in connection with the deadly attack, in which five people were killed in 2018.
French readers enjoy world’s only leap year newspaper La Bougie du Sapeur only comes out only every four years - so since 1980 only 12 editions have been published.
French Senate backs constitutional right to abortion Abortion has been legal in France since 1974 but it is now set to be a constitutional "freedom".
One dead and two missing after Channel rescue Around 50 migrants were said to be on the small boat when it got into trouble off the French coast.
Ukraine reports jump in downed Russian planes Ukraine claims it has been able to down 10 Russian aircraft in as many days in February.
To defeat Putin, stop being boring, says Navalny's widow Yulia Navalnaya addresses MEPs after the death of her husband, a high-profile critic of Putin.
Grenfell-style cladding fear after Valencia fire Construction pictures suggest the cladding used on the building may be of a type now banned in the UK.
Fire truck drives through raging Texas wildfire Flames tower above the road as thick smoke rises, in footage filmed by a local fire department.
Watch: Inside the famous Sistine Chapel after crowds leave At night a team of experts monitors and looks after Michelangelo's frescos.
Partner of woman held in Russia calls for her release Dual US-Russian citizen Ksenia Karelina is accused of treason and raising funds for the Ukrainian army.
Catalonia's farmers demand more help over drought As Spain continues to be blighted by a lack of rain, farmers want more government assistance.
Police seize 72 guns from French film star's home Prosecutors say Alain Delon, known for his tough-guy persona on screen, does not have a gun permit.
Football continues to give me life - Hermoso Spain's Jenni Hermoso says "football continues to give me life" six months on from winning the World Cup, when former Spanish federation chief Luis Rubiales kissed her.
Brussels: Farmers protest leaves streets in chaos Europe correspondent Nick Beake on the scene as farmers take to the streets in protest.
Farmers' anger erupts at trade show in Paris Clashes erupt between security forces and farmers protesting at the presence of President Macron.
'I refuse to die': Couple saved from Valencia fire hail dramatic rescue Sara Jorge and her boyfriend say they were saved by a mixture of luck and a desire to live.
Two years into Russia's invasion, exhausted Ukrainians refuse to give up Ukrainians may be fatigued by the war, but they still see it as a fight for survival.
Kremlin lashes out after Biden aims barb at Putin Moscow responds to Joe Biden's sweary remarks about the Russian president at a California fundraiser.
'Little Britain': How Russian media mocked UK missile failure After news of the failed test leaks, Russian media wastes little time in ridiculing the UK.

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