Constructing School Autonomy with Accountability as a Global Policy Model: A Focus on OECD’s Governance Mechanisms

This chapter aims at understanding the role of the OECD in the development
and international dissemination of SAWA policies. Specifically, the
chapter analyses the governance mechanisms through which these reforms
are being promoted by the OECD, namely, data gathering, education
policy evaluation, and the generation of policy ideas through different
knowledge products and policy spaces. Methodologically, the chapter is
based on a systematic literature review of a corpus of 33 papers, which we
triangulate with official documents produced by the OECD. The chapter
is structured as follows. In the first part, we present our research framework,
which covers both our theoretical approach and our methods. In
the second part, we present our main results, which we organize according
to the different governance mechanisms articulated by the OECD around
SAWA reforms. In the last part, we pick up the main points in a concluding