Natalie Browes is a PhD researcher at the department of sociology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Before this, she gained an MA in Geography from the University of St. Andrews and was working in the fields of education, gender, and international development for several years in a variety of roles. This included time spent as a Field Officer teaching and developing a life-skills programme for vulnerable girls in Eastern Uganda, and leading a team of young people in community development projects in Southern Senegal. In 2014, Browes received her Research Master’s in International Development from the University of Amsterdam, where her research focused on sexual health education and curriculum enactment in the context of one secondary school in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). Her findings were published in The Journal of Sex Education. Before taking up her current position in 2017, Natalie spent time as a research consultant at IBE-UNESCO, where she was involved with the global monitoring of Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education. She also worked with UNESCO’s GEMR team, focusing on Global citizenship education themes in textbooks worldwide. Her current research, as part of the REFORMED team, focuses on school autonomy and accountability policies in the Netherlands, with a particular interest in teacher professionalism.